Jessica Prague
About Me


I'm Jessica, a product designer who loves to solve problems and design beautiful, intuitive experiences that make an impact, both big and small. Currently, I am a senior at Cornell University studying information science with concentrations in User Experience and Digital Culture and Production, along with a minor in Business. In summer 2018, I was a product design intern at Vox Media, and this past summer, I interned at Facebook. I will be returning there as a product designer in August 2020.

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In Fall 2017, I decided to take Intro to Digital Product Design, a student-taught course at Cornell, and this class truly changed my life. I immediately fell in love with user experience design, a space that combines my passions for design, business, psychology, multi-faceted problem-solving, and social change. At Cornell, I am a product designer for Cornell AppDev, Computer Science Instructor for Juni Learning, and Teaching Assistant for Design and Programming for the Web (CS 1300).

When I'm not knee-deep in sketch files, you can find me fidgeting with Rubik's Cubes, binge-watching Netflix shows, running, and traveling! I am a team player, always challenging myself and open to new and exciting opportunities. Let's chat! Feel free to message me at