Jessica Prague

Facebook Watch

Summer 2019

Facebook Watch Team | FB App Pillar


Product Design Intern


12 Weeks, Summer 2019


I spent my 2019 summer at Facebook's Menlo Park Campus. Interning as a Product Designer on the Facebook Watch Video Design Team, I had the amazing opportunity to work on projects ranging from video auto-chaining to re-designing the video context sheet. I even worked on a Hackathon project that explored scheduling posts on Instagram. The best part about my summer was working alongside such inspiring and talented people. 💙

Facebook Sign

Facebook Internship, Day 1

Pride Parade

Riding in the SF Pride Parade

Design Team

The Design Interns 🤩

Pride Parade

Summer Hackathon

Some Things I Learned

  1. Asking questions is good! Don't be afraid to speak up, and it's okay to defer responsibility if you don't know something.
  2. Always tell a story with your designs — don't just design things because they're pretty or look nice, but all designs should solve a certain user problem/need.
  3. Challenge yourself and be comfortable with being uncomfortable.
  4. Work can actually be fun. 😀

Unfortunately, I can't get into any more detail about the work I did at Facebook, as it is under NDA. If you would like to learn more, feel free to reach out to me at!

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