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Revolutionizing the way students discover resources to exercise within the Cornell community

Our vision is to provide the best college fitness and wellness resource for the Cornell community.


7 Engineers, 2 Designers, 1 Product Lead




Spring 2018 - Fall 2019

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What's Currently wrong

The Problem

People want to be able to quickly access information about the best fitness options available at Cornell, but they can’t do that well because:

  1. The current Cornell fitness website is confusing and hard to navigate.
  2. Cornell lacks a central hub with all available fitness resources.
  3. It's difficult to visualize future schedules.

Key Features

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The Onboarding Process

When users open the app for the first time, they're able to select their favorite gyms and gym classes at Cornell.

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On the Home Page, users can browse open gyms and classes that are happening today, in real-time.

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Search and Filter Classes

Do you have free time in your schedule from 2pm - 4pm? This is the best way to find a class that matches your ideal criteria. To apply a class filter, choose the fitness center, start/end time, class type, and your favorite instructors!

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Gym Details

Want to know more about Cornell's gyms? Check out details about each gym: gym hours, which times are busiest or most popular, available equipment, and what facilities are offered (bowling alley, basketball courts, etc.)

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Keep track of your favorite classes so you don’t miss out on what’s up next.


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